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Monster Carlo 2 slots games is based on your classic monster horror scenario. Play slots with these familiar horror symbols.

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Play up to 20 lines at a time.
minimum stakes per line: £ 0.01 – play slots for 1p
maximum stake per line: £ 10.00 – play up to £200 a spin.

Monster Carlo 2 main Feature

  • Up to 200 times your line bet in winnings
  • Bet between 1 and 20 win lines
  • Monster Carlo 2 casino slots has a very special feature which allows you a risk free way to win between 2 and 10000 times your line bet
  • The double up feature allows you to double or even quadruple your winnings

How to win

  • Match a minimum of 3 consecutive symbols on the win line from left to right.
  • The more symbols you match the more your winnings will be
  • The pay table link shows you the winnings per line. You can view these using the link within the game

Unlocking the special feature

  • To activate a special feature you must get 3 consecutive symbols on the active win line.
  • A wild card symbol can count towards the feature activation
  • If you get a feature, you win amount is dependent on the line stake used to trigger the feature. Higher stakes means higher winnings

Fright Night

  • Bet on a fight between 2 monsters. You have 4 fights with different monsters in each.
  • If your monster wins, you get a win multiple from it. Each win multiple will be added to the total, it does not matter if your monster loses

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