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Creatures of Rock II offers a fun filled slot experience! Go on tour with a rock band, they are well prepared to keep you entertained all night long!

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Play up to 20 lines at a time.
minimum stakes per line: £ 0.01 – play slots for 1p
maximum stake per line: £ 10.00 – play up to £200 a spin.

Main Slot features:

  • Win a huge amount up to 200 times your line bet!
  • Select up to 20 win lines per spin
  • This online casino slot has a special “no lose” feature game. If active, it allows the player to win up to 10000 times the value of the line that triggered the special feature.
  • The game has a Double Up Button: use this to double your winnings or even more

How to win:

  • You match a minimum of 3 consecutive symbols from left to right on the win line. The more lines you play the more chance you have of winning
  • You get more money if you match more than 3 symbols.
  • Playouts are shown on the paytable button. Match 5 jackpot symbols to get 200 times your line bet.

Special Feature Activation:

  • To activate a special feature you must get 3 consecutive symbols on the active win line.
  • A wild card symbol can count towards the feature activation
  • If you get a feature, you win amount is dependent on the line stake used to trigger the feature. Bet more to win more.

Mega Bonus Amp Smash description:

  • Amp Smash is a special feature which allows you to win mega money
  • Choose a amplifier from those available when the screen loads.
  • If you win, it will show you a win amount and you choose another amplifier.
  • If your pick is not a winner, the amp will explode and end the feature. All winnings from previous amps are banked and you do not lose these
  • You will see the final win multiple and the stake that triggered the feature at the end.
  • The total amount of winnings will be credited to your balance and the game continues

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